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Expert Services

Expert Services

Providing professional defect reports & expert services

Brackfield Consulting provide professional defect reports. Our reports are carefully written to express our findings for possible use as expert evidence under circumstances where they are so required in a courtroom. We also provide ‘watching brief’ and Client Representative services.

The type of issues that we investigate and report on include:

Watching Brief

Watching Brief roles are normally undertaken to provide independent third party checking of building or construction works when a lead consultant has been appointed by another party. This may be to oversee adjoining constructions, pyrite remediation or any other construction related activity where it is deemed that independent expert opinion is required to determine whether satisfactory standards are being applied.

Client Representative

Brackfield Consulting provide supporting management services on behalf of a Client undertaking a construction project. The client representative aims to create a quality improvement throughout the build process. Early stage involvement can also further improve the potential for project cost savings through the provision of independent design review and checking services to minimise any tendencies towards overdesign or lack of critical detailing.